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A new year is upon us and we have a few 2011 Super Prize's left -- which means the gaia team needs to get rid of these!

It is the start of the new year and we still have tons of 2011 Super Prizes, so as a gift we're wanting to give these away: Selected gaia online users will recieve a free Super Prize 2011!

  • Bitter Frost
  • Lost Chapter
  • Love Charm II
  • Crystal Overdrive
  • Arcana Break
  • Eternal Rivals
  • Screen King
  • Double Rainbow
  • Valefor Academy
  • Neverland
  • Famestar Masquerade
  • Guardian Totem

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If you're super lucky, there¡¯s also a chance you may end up with a rare, unreleased item such as Siku the White Wolf, Mystical Mender, Virgil's Sinister Verdict and some special collectible SDPLus dolls of yours truly.

Head to the Cash Shop and get your hands on a Super Prize before it¡¯s gone. Or pick up a bundle and get nine chances to score something truly amazing!